New Business Model

The effectiveness of “the large field” model

Although Vietnam is the leading exporter of rice in the world, Vietnam rice brand is still “Depart early, arrive late” for the inconsistent quality and unstable product. The cause is due to the farmers’ fragmented, small, spontaneous cultivating habits, lack of investments and techniques, depend too much on natural conditions….

Understanding such limitations, since 2010, Loc Troi Group – formerly An Giang Plant Protection Joint Stock Company – has jumped into the rice field. “Hat Ngoc Troi” brand has been established to provide safety and high quality rice products to the local and export markets. Hat Ngoc Troi has become a pioneer connecting with farmers to implement “the large field” model, a form of centralized production, promoting the connection of 4 units: Farmer – Manager – Scientist – Enterprise. The purpose of this model is to make a stable output with high profit for farmers, help farmers keep their mind in production.

Farmers make a contract with the company
1. Farmers make a contract with the company.
Provide farmers seeds and plant protection chemicals
2. Provide farmers seeds and plant protection chemicals..
Transfer of process, control of cultivation
3. Transfer of process, control of cultivation.
Support to harvest by high-tech
4. Support to harvest by high-tech.
Farmers sell rice
5. Farmers sell rice
Support to transport rice to the factory
6. Support to transport rice to the factory
Free drying.
7. Free drying.
Free storage for 30 days.
8. Free storage for 30 days.
Package rice
9. Package rice

The support of “3 Together” Force for farmers

“3 Together” Force is a team of engineers “Eating, working and living together” with farmers to implement the Hat Ngoc Troi “Working in the paddy field with farmers” mission. “3 Together” Force always adheres the paddy fields to support farmers with rice production techniques, advise new varieties and prevention and treatment of rice diseases, provide farmers with the methods of using fertilizer, chemicals to reduce costs. This force also bring advanced scientific solutions to help Vietnam farmers improving productivity and quality of agricultural products.

When Cooperating with Hat Ngoc Troi, farmers are not only provided with exclusive sales, capital assistance, lending fertilizers, seeds, plant protection chemicals in advance, packaging assistance, free drying, free storage for 1 month after the harvest but also provided a permanent support from the “3 Together” Force. Thus, rice quality is always strictly controlled from seeds to the criteria of food safety, ensure the high quality and safety rice for consumers.

The support of ``3 Together`` Force for farmers

The values that farmers received from “the large field” and Hat Ngoc Troi

In fact, the application of “the large field” model with the support of “3 Together” Force has brought practical benefits to farmers. Many farmers have changed their small, spontaneous production habits into large-scale production with the connection of the rice value chain to meet market demands. The farmer’s product output meets the quantity and quality as well.

Moreover, the production follows “the large field” model can help farmers improve their awareness of the use of fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, sowing density, changing some former cultivating habits, which help preserving habitats, balancing the ecosystem, making a sustainable agricultural production and help farmers be well aware of the importance of the connection in production. In particular, the role of the connection of 4 units will be demonstrated, especially the connection between farmers and enterprises, farmers get the information before making products: Who will buy products? How much do they cost? How about the quantity and quality?

A closed sustainable process, products are strictly controlled from production process to processing under the HACCP principle, rice products sold to consumers are pure, without pesticide residues, mixing, flavorings, bleaching and moldy medicine. Consumers can keep their mind to buy the products. This helps providing food safety for their families and supports farmers as well.