Ngày đăng: 7/03/2016   Ngày cập nhật: 13/09/2017   Chuyên mục: Bulletin of Hat Ngoc Troi, News

The road to reach Top 3 world best rice of Hat Ngoc Troi – Thien Long rice.

Although Vietnam lays in one of the highest peak of rice exporter. Vietnamese rice brand until meets a lot of difficult situation in international market. Because of Heterogeneity  of quality and stability of product , moreover Vietnamese rice also standing behind the Cambodian and Thai in quality because rough rice exported are unbranded.

From that reality of creating outputting for farmers and building Vietnamese rice brand in the world. Loc troi group (precursor is an Giang plant protection joint stock company) has linked fourth organizations: government, scientist, company, famer together,  in order to cooperate strongly and build Vietnamese rice brand.

Recently, the organization of world rice researching ( the rice trader ) had organized competition of delicious rice with strict evaluation criteria ( from tasting, flavouring, shape of rice, delicious rice……) and Hat ngoc troi thien long to be honoured in top 3 world best rice. After many years of effort, this is the first time the Vietnamese rice is confirmed as its placement in international market.

The reasons for Hat Ngoc Troi – Thien Long gaining Top 3

Firstly, Hat Ngoc Troi – Thien Long rice is a product to be manufactured and researched by Loc Troi group according to closed process, stability, and it is followed by highly technical of FF (force field) engineers, hat ngoc troi thien long rice includes 3 zero: no blending, no flavouring , no chemical residues and plant protection products.

Rice production processes

Rice production processes

Secondly, hat ngoc troi rice to be planted in material area according to closed process, from planting, taking care, harvesting, processing according to HACCP (a quality of Europe).