Hat Ngoc Troi Brand

Rice is a necessary product in daily meal of Vietnamese families. According to a survey in large cities made by Agroinfo in 2011, it is shown that more than 90% of consumers use no brand, poor quality rice. Understanding this issue, “Hat Ngoc Troi” Brand was established to provide the high quality and safety rice products to local and export markets.


Hat Ngoc Troi” of Loc Troi Group – the leading provider of agricultural services and products in Vietnam. Loc Troi Group, formerly known as An Giang Plant Protection Joint Stock Company considered as a pioneer in Vietnam that has successfully built the sustainable rice production chain model, changing the lives of farmers and providing high-quality global rice products, fulfill the mission “sustainable development together with farmers”.

The logo meaning

logo hat ngoc troi

Logo includes an sun icon with halo beams of light, bringing a strong vitality and energy. Solar red color represents the human and Hat Ngoc Troi engineers’ hearts and souls. Besides, yellow is the color stand for sunbeams, ripe rice paddies and bumper crops. The picture of rice seed and stylized rice paddy leaf in egret wing shape stand for Hat Ngoc Troi rice product which is given by God and Nature..

Reason for choosing Hat Ngoc Troi

The quality of Hat Ngoc Troi rice is always guaranteed and the broken rice amount ranges from 5-10%, manufactured under a strict process as for export, even meeting the BRC index and high level of food safety and hygiene.


The special features of “Hat Ngoc Troi” rice against other ones:

  • Manufactured from special and purebred rice varieties,
  • Derived from the material zone farmed under the sustainable process,
  • Stable quality, without mixing, bleaching, flavorings,
  • The product origin may be traced,
  • The production process under the HACCP standard,
  • – Especially, “Hat Ngoc Troi” rice has met 603 quality criteria of Japanese market and exported to more than 30 countries in the world.

Apart from clean rice, consumers still have many opportunities to buy the rices rich in nutrients and helping disease cure such as Vibigaba rice – a nutrient germ rice brand good for people with diabetes, elderly and those who need of health recovery.

Hat ngoc troi factorygao-mam-vibigaba gao-an-toan gao-mam hatngoctroi.vn

Pride of Hat Ngoc Troi

Hat Ngoc Troi Brand is certified by European HACCP, without pesticide residues, residual of chemical fertilizers and heavy metals in rice.
Hat Ngoc Troi rice is recognized as a clean rice brand of Top 20 Golden Brands of Vietnam food, meeting more than 600 criteria on chemicals and residues of plant protection chemicals according to the import requirements of Japanese market and meeting the standard of the Ministry of Health.

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  • Hat Ngoc Troi farmer
  • Hat Ngoc Troi farmer
  • Hat Ngoc Troi farmer

Sustainable development together with farmers

To create the rice seed quality, Loc Troi Group has cooperated with farmers from the stage of sowing. The farmers who join in the “Working in the paddy field with farmers” program will be supported by the engineers of “3 Together ” (Eating, Working and Living together) from orientation of rice varieties to consulting cultivation techniques; working with the farmers until rice paddy is ready for harvesting. This is the first time the rice cultivation is strictly managed from selecting varieties, tracing the origin of rice varieties to advanced cultivation processes. Since 2006, the number of engineers has been increased from 12 to 1,325 ones at present, these are the biggest force working in the paddy field with farmers in Vietnam.


Moreover, farmers are also given seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals in advance before each crop without charging during 4 months. At the harvest time, the company also supports farmers in harvesting, milling, drying, storing, preserving free during 30 days, giving farmers the discretion to select customers, i.e it’s not necessary for farmers to sell Loc Troi Group their products.


“Farmers are the key force in the Group development, they are the real owners of the Group.” – Said by Mr. Huynh Van Thon, General Director of Loc Troi Group.