Diagram of factory and material zone

Diagram of factory and material zone Hat Ngoc Troi

Vinh Binh Factory (An Giang)

Vinh Binh factory An Giang

Area: 8 hectares;
Capacity: 28,000 tonnes;

Capacity: 400 tonnes/day

Thoai Son Factory (An Giang)

Thoai Son factory An Giang


Area: 9 hectares

Capacity: 40,000 tonnes

Capacity: 400 tonnes/day

Tan Hong Factory (Dong Thap)

Tan Hong factory Dong Thap

Area: 14 hectares

Capacity: 38,000 tonnes

Capacity: 500 tonnes/day

Vinh Hung Factory (Long An)

Vinh Hung factory Long

Area: 10 hectares

Capacity: 37,000 tonnes

Capacity: 400 tonnes/day

Vinh Loc Factory (Bac Lieu)

Vinh Loc factory Bac Lieu

Area: 14 hectares

Capacity: 75,000 tonnes

Capacity: 400 tonnes/day

Below is a map of the rice mills of An Giang Plant Protection Joint Stock Company until 2018.
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