Cooked rice sprouts tasty Vibigaba tuneful

Ngày đăng: 29/10/2015   Ngày cập nhật: 13/09/2017   Chuyên mục: Delicacies made from rice

Rice germ Vibigaba have a lot of good effects for health and support stable blood sugar , high blood pressure , help lose weight , sedation , sleep … We ‘ll show you methods of cooking rice from a rice germ Vibigaba simply put , while ensuring a nutritional value to the fullest .
Step 1: Let the rice sprouts in a pot Vibigaba ratio of 1 cup of rice with 1.5 to 2 cups of water , depending on the software you want to eat more or less appropriate for the country .
Note that to keep the bran outer crust does not lose nutrients , and I will not wash the rice . In the case of cooking for the elderly use , using rice germ best Vibigaba you should soak the rice in hot water , will help the rice soft and easy to eat more .

Step 2 : For rice in the rice cooker . Cooked white rice as normal , 40 minutes later could open beaten rice. If found yet to taste, can add some water into a little bit more interesting for more soft .
Step 3 : After the rice is cooked may give the cup and eat enlist while still hot . You can use with salt or a salt peanut sesame pound . But still can eat with other foods such as meat , fish , cotton rub …
One cup of rice from rice sprouts tasty Vibigaba tuneful when not too soft or too hard , loose grain and aromatic flavor charm . For people with diabetes , the use of rice from the rice germ and sesame salt instead of white rice in the diet is the best way to help stabilize blood sugar .